The new series goes live with an Opening Ceremony at 1:30pm on May 4, 2020, exactly 75 years after Canada liberated the Netherlands in WWII.

In the midst of COVID19 social isolation, youth are being invited to connect to stories of other youth doing incredible things. A new online series kicks off with Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl through video steams featuring Jenifer Brousseau, Host of APTN’s Wild Archeology.

Partners in the timely project include the Vancouver Public Library and Jewish Holocaust memorial education organisations seeking ways to connect with youth during the COVID19 social distancing measures.   One hundred East Vancouver youth will receive Anne Frank’s much-read Diary courtesy of the Consulate of the Netherlands in Vancouver. Book distribution is being done through home drop-offs, as well as housing cooperatives and the Grandview Woodland Food Connection hamper program.  The online series also invites youth to share their own experiences coping with isolation, and engage with Jenifer and her special guests on issues related to the Holocaust and diary writing.

“I want to inspire youth by reading books and sharing while all of us are isolated and face this unusual time and are cut off from our regular social lives,” stated Brousseau.  “Our imagination can take us on incredible adventures, and so many stories bring us hope and inspiration. Especially when we learn of the heroes among us—just like us.”

May 4, 2021 marks the 75th Anniversary of Canada liberating the Netherlands to end Nazi occupation. “The writings of Anne Frank portray the worst aspects of the war, and provide a powerful example of the importance of young people telling their stories and imagining the world they want to live in,” stated Brousseau.

Public school teachers and homeschoolers can also participate as this read-aloud experience provides conversation topics at home and with friends (online or in person) and ties in with the BC curriculum.

Series producer, Imagi’Nation Collective, has joined with the Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Moving Theatre Company, Montreal Holocaust Museum, Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, and Josef Wosk. Many of these resources are closed during COVID and this first series connects these education resources with high school youth.

Imagi’Nation Collective, is based in Vancouver, lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

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